Man Missing For 20 Years Found Tied To Bed In Basement

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A 36-year-old Brazilian man who was allegedly tied to a bed by his father and step-mother in the basement of their home for 20 years was freed on Monday by policemen.

Policemen in Brazil found the man, Armando de Andrade by accident while they were searching homes looking for members of a drugs gang. The man is said to have disappeared when he was 16, with his parents telling neighbors he traveled while he was reportedly tied to a bed in a tiny, windowless room of the house in Sao Paulo.

Armando’s childhood friend, Ederson Silva, said, “Whenever we asked about him they always said the same thing, he’s living in the northeast, he’s well, he’s working, he’s building his family there. That’s all they said to us.”

He was found with ‘enormous’ toenails and fingernails and a long beard which had grown to his knees, according to witnesses, while police officers who found him described him as ‘malnourished’.


Police believe he lived in virtual darkness for two decades in a room without light, while the floor was reportedly covered in human faeces.

Police chief Celso Marchiori, investigating the case, talking about when policemen found Andrade, he said “He got up, very impaired and didn’t speak a word. We took him outside and he still didn’t say anything. We didn’t know if he was scared or drugged. He wasn’t able to identify us as police officers. We called for help and he was taken straight to hospital.”

Armando is being cared for in the psychiatric ward of a local hospital, where he is reportedly too traumatized to speak.

Police have launched an investigation while Armando’s father and step-mother, who have not yet been arrested, have reportedly fled their home following aggression from angry neighbors.

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