Man Commits Suicide Live On Facebook After Girlfriend Dumped Him

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A 22-year-old heartbroken Turkish man, Erdogan Ceren shot himself live on Facebook in a moment watched by more than five hundred thousand people.

In the shocking footage, Ceren, in the live broadcast on his public Facebook page explained to the camera that his girlfriend had broken up with him and he was going to end his life because of that.

As the video was live, he was bombarded with comments from people appealing to him not to shoot himself. The young man is shirtless in what looks like his bedroom as he presses a shotgun to his chest. He then tells the camera, ‘No one believed when I said I will kill myself, so watch this.‘ and after one failed attempt, he points the gun to his chest and pulls the trigger. The footage then goes completely black.


The heart-wrenching video has been viewed 543, 000 times and attracted 14,000 comments.

According to local media reports, his family heard the shot and found his body. He was taken to the hospital, where he later died.

Ceren had previously documented his distraught emotions online, posting a Facebook status saying ‘feeling broken’ along with the words, ‘Our love saga would be written, “Behold, the eyes would not cry, half of you is going to tell you now, my hands do without that side”.

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