These Are The Lies Nigerian Girls Tell

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Lies rank at the top of things most people dislike and for good reasons. As a matter of fact, even people that are perpetual liars will say the thing that turns them off most is people lying.

A lot of Nigerian girls are real but unfortunately there are bad eggs among them too. Lying comes easy to girls that fall in the latter category because they are used to covering one lie with a bigger one.

This is however no way to live as lies can not only be annoying and irritating but can also cause serious problems. Some Nigerian girls are no doubt good liars but what seems to bother people is when lied to is that they believe they are been taken for a ride.

There’s really no need to lie as an adult because the highest thing that will happen to you when caught is to get reprimanded for doing so. This has however not deterred Nigerian girls from lying and coming up with the silliest of excuses when asked why they lied.

They will not only lie when doing their day to day activities, but will do so in their relationships. Check out the lies that are common to Nigerian girls.

I Have A Boyfriend Overseas

It is funny to think that the location of a boyfriend can matter but most Nigerian girls will lie about this for you to see them as balling. It is common to see a lot of them claim that they have boyfriends who do not live in the country. They claim these guys are rich to intimidate you but there’s no one existing in between.

I Don’t Like Visiting Fast Food Joints

Almost every Nigerian girl wants you to see her as a homely person because they know how sensitive most Nigerian men are to women that love eating outside. A lot of ladies will make you feel that they do not enjoy eating at eateries even though we know how much they love pastries and ice cream.

I Don’t Care About Your Money

It is common to find a Nigerian girl say that she is independent and doesn’t care about your money. This is not to say that there are no independent ones with sustainable means of livelihood and who do not depend on men for material things.

Despite this however, they will most likely not turn down a man with the qualities they want especially if he is rich. With recession and all, which girl doesn’t want money?

I Don’t Double Date

This is one of the commonest lies you can hear from a Nigerian girl’s mouth. They will tell you they don’t know how to double date and have never tried it before and you’d be left wondering who the guys they are cheating with are. Even if they are would they step out and say it openly?

Everyone has one thing or the other that they’ve done that they are not especially proud of and dating multiple women falls into this category. More so, a society like ours frowns at such habits where the women are expected to be modest.

I Don’t Enjoy Sex

When sex is being discussed, it’s common to see Nigerian women attempt to blend in. These girls will however do all they can to milk you dry while claiming to be virgins.

There’s also the likelihood of having them lie to you of not enjoying having regular sex. What most of these women don’t realise is that it is better to keep quiet and say nothing than be caught in a lie. Moreover, the issue of sexuality is a personal thing and no one will judge you for it.

I Don’t Visit Men In Their Homes

What really is the big deal in visiting a man in his home? As a matter of fact, she can visit with a couple of her friends if she’s scared that something untoward might happen. Unfortunately however, Nigerian girls will always lie about not wanting to visit for you not to see them as a flirt.

It is hard to determine why Nigerian women make a big deal out of visiting a man in the house but that is surely one of the lies Nigerian girls tell.



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