Get Familiar! In Conversation With Sister Wisdom On ”Mr. John” & Upcoming Projects

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Meet Queer Sister Wisdom, The Singer With A Larger Than Life Vocals

On the occasion of the release of her second record, Mr. John featuring folk singer, Johnny Drille, queer singer, Sister Wisdom talks about the overwhelming validation she’s received from industry heads, records that have had huge influence on her, and why she choose the name ”Sister Wisdom.

The Computer and Information Science graduate had her first event last year at the International Music Concert which was held at Loveworld Convocation Arena.

The singer whose love for music predates her university spell at Lead City University, Ibadan has graced various stages and platforms with stars like Sinach, Frank Edwards, Eben, Jadhiel and Joe Praize.


When I talk to people about you, most find the name Sister Wisdom to be weird. Tell us what inspired the choice of name.


Yes!! I love weird, I love being different, I love having an identity, I love being unique. I get the same look from people when I tell them my artist name, so I am pretty much use to it now.

The inspiration was out of being different basically.


What excites you right now musically?


Right now the kind of sounds I’m hearing from all over the world and artists interpretation especially in Nigeria is amazing.

You just see how God has blessed alot of people with unique abilities and most times I ask myself if i were the one would I interpret the sound the same way? The beauty in diversity.




How is it like being validated by Cobhams Asuquo, one of the biggest talent in Nigerian music industry?


A friend called me late at night, he was like ”are you sleeping? Cobhams just tweeted about your song”. I was like ”what?” Quickly checked Twitter to see for myself, it was an awesome feeling.

I had a bit of doubt about the song because I felt it was not the typical but just had to put it out anyways.

The reception had been amazing, the radio stations had showed lots of love, it’s currently No1 on Holy Holla, No3 on Cobhams Top 12, Song of the month in a lot of stations and in the UK(Bolton 96.5FM).

The validation coming from Cobhams, Praiz,Aunty Winning(T.W.O),Abi Idowu(Bolton 96.5FM), Protek,Password and especially from the public had just made me more determined to put out great records.


I honestly respect that as an artiste you make music that are truly artistic and quite challenging. It feels like you more interested in churning out sounds that are satisfying for you


I love music and I’m big on music coming out right and perfect but trust me I like experimenting, we just getting started so you are going to get all sorts of sounds from me but embedding my style into them.



Growing up, which records influenced you the most?


I grew up with everything music, my parents loves music. My dad bought all kinds of record from reggae, C & S praise, R & B, Fuji to everything music he was that in love with music which influenced me alot. My mum is a worship/gospel artist so you see a fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree *smiles*


I understand you and Johnny Drille have a couple of materials in works. What is like working with the folk singer?


Johnny Drille is amazing, I learnt alot from him, his genre is unique and yes we do have a couple of works together. His personality just made it easy for us to work. He totally understand my sound. He’s a great guy!

Can you explain a bit about the idea of ”Mr John”


Mr John is like a converse as you listen different interpretations comes to different people in fact I have heard amazing analysis of the song that I never thought of. But basically Mr John simply spotlights the idea of ‘searching’ for peace/love/fulfillment anything great mostly in the wrong places, whereas the real deal is just right in front of you but never taking notice.


Tell us about your music creation process.


The chorus might come to me first or I may just be singing in gibberish and something solid comes out of it (laughs)


Share with us which you enjoy doing more, writing music or recording.


I love both really. The part that is always a drag is performing, facing the camera or the crowd. It always needs special routine to get me into that zone. Then feels really weird watching myself, most times I can’t.




What are we to expect from Sister Wisdom?


Awesome stuff! There’s the Episode II of the Mr. John, working on a collaboration with a Kenyan artiste experimenting with some sounds outside Nigeria. The records are all for my upcoming EP.


 For N 15,000,000, would you go for three months without washing, brushing your teeth, or using deodorant? Assume you could not explain your reasons to anyone until after the three months is up.


That’s a serious question, but as a Naija lady, you know that #15Million will do alot.

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