I’m Always Fine With My Role In The Team, Says Draymond Green

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Let’s face it, Golden State Warriors will not have to worry about losing too many matches this season, all you have to do is check out their roster. However, will their stars be able to coexist? Green seems to think he will be able to.

The stars of the Oakland outfit will have to find ways to coexist on a team of superstars. They will have to accept different roles than they’ve become accustomed to. Hopefully, this won’t become their undoing.

So far, they’re saying the right things. This could be good media coaching. Time will tell.

“I’m going to always be me,” Draymond Green told Michael Lee of The Vertical. “I’m always fine with what my role is on this team. And everybody may not like that role, but at the end of the day, I think, that helps win.”

“I’m all about winning. That’s what I’ve always been about my entire life. And that’s what I continue to be about. You don’t really expect everybody to understand that. I know everybody won’t understand, but that’s not really my job to help them understand that.”



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