House-Help Steals £40,000 From Boss To Help His Poor Parents

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A 24-year-old house help, arrested for allegedly stealing £40,000 from his boss in Lagos, has blamed his action on his desire to assist his family.

The suspect, Ugbem Samuel was arrested with his younger brother Ugbem Monday, Samuel had invited Monday to his boss’s house just after his boss returned to Nigeria after an overseas trip.

Narrating how he stole the money, Samuel said, “When my boss came back with a lot of money from his trip, I invited my younger brother over, with the intention of stealing some of the money and handing it over to him to take to our parents, who are suffering. I gave him 40,000 Pounds, which he kept with my brother-in-law to keep for us until we are ready to use it.”

However, when his boss, identified as Ajayi, discovered that his money was missing, Samuel denied knowing anything about the missing money.Apparently, his boss’s brother appealed to him to come clean if he did take the money and that he would be given part of it.

“Because stealing is not in my blood, I opened up to him that I was the one that took the money with the help of my brother. I also told him where the money was.” Samuel said.

It was gathered that the money had been split into two, with his brother-in-law and his younger brother in possession of each part. But when policemen arrived his in-law’s home in Ikorodu, he was nowhere to be found.


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