A Guide To Holding The Best House Parties

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There are very few things as lit as having a house party. Whether it’s to celebrate a child’s birthday, a teenagers or adults birthday, an anniversary or whatever you choose to celebrate, home parties can be super interesting.

If you are in doubt of what we are saying, you may want to ask your friends that have attended a few home parties or the ones that keep attending one party organised by friends at home. They will sure let you in on what makes home parties thick.

If you are planning on celebrating one thing or the other and you’re considering having the party at home, there are a couple of things you can input that will make it uniquely Nigerian and a party that everyone that attended will remember for a long while.

Invite The Movers And Shakers
To have a party that people will remember for a long while, you’d have to invite people that are friendly and fun to be with. These people should be able to dance and make people relax and ease into the groove. Be sure to have a few of them and you’d most likely have people staying longer than you expect.

Make The Music Bang
Nothing makes a party fun and interesting like having a DJ that will play song after song that will get people happy, dancing and asking for more. You can choose to either hire a DJ or get a friend that has a huge collection of danceable music as compact discs, on a flash drive or on their phones. Whichever way you choose, the songs should be good enough to bang and get guests sweating it out on the dance floor.

Supply Enough Drinks
There are few things that will loosen people up at a party than drinks and you should try to provide a quantity that will be enough to make people want to dance and participate fully in all the activities present at your party.

Get assorted drinks that are a mixture of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and store them in your fridge prior to the commencement of the party. As a matter of fact, the drinks should be sufficient for your guests but be sure not to go overboard on your budget.

Provide Some Food
While jollof rice is a healthy first choice at every party whether it’s a wedding, birthday or anniversary, it is also good for home parties. To ease you off washing plates and cutlery, you can choose to serve out the rice and meat in plastic packs.

On the other hand, you can also choose to make peppered meat that can be served along with drinks. Whatever food you decide to serve should be dependent on your budget for the party.

Get A Comic MC
You don’t need to go out of your way to pay a masters of ceremony for a home party as you can simply get one of your funny friends to play the role. The essence of having a friend take charge of this duty is to provide order at your party and get people in the groove for fun.

Some Games May Do
Why we don’t fully recommend common games such as “devils basket” and “truth or dare”, playing games at your home party can get people to loosen up and get in the mood for fun. You can even choose to bring back the games that kids love i.e. musical chairs. You’d be surprised at how much fun everyone will have with this.

Be Prepared To Cleanup
While the fun of the party lasted, you probably didn’t think of how much clean up you’d have to do. No matter how orderly you try to make your home party, you’d still have a huge task in your hands after everyone has left. It’s best you choose to clean up immediately after the last guest leaves but it’s not a bad idea if you have a friend that chooses to help you out.

With that being said, go on and have fun with your home party. Don’t be caught up attending to every of your guest and forget to have fun. After all, the essence of the party in the first place is to get everyone to have as much fun as they can including you the host.



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