Guardiola: If My Tactic Doesn’t Work, I Won’t Train In England

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Manchester City manager, Pep Guardiola doesn’t seem to be a fan of long-ball United, and states if his tactics fail in the EPL, he won’t train in England.

City visit West Brom in the midst of the Spaniard’s worst run as a manager and City’s worst run in the last eight years -they’ve not won in six matches- and it will be a tough match at the Hawthorns.

Manchester City lost to rivals, United in the midweek EFL fixture and it has been suggested to Guardiola that his men failed to play their style against United.

But Guardiola took exception, insisting his side do have ways to play directly, but that while Jose Mourinho’s side may have won thanks to an aerial bombardment, he will never take such an approach.

“The goal for United it was long ball, long ball, long ball, long ball, lose the ball in the duels, score the goal,” he said.

“So sometimes you concede a goal because you have to build up and after like this. And sometimes you use the long balls you concede a goal as well.”

Guardiola went on, explaining that his side will use direct passes to get around the opponents’ high pressing due to the small stature of his attacking players.

Although he did say that if his approach does not work, he will be unable to manage in the Premier League.

“The strikers that we have when you have to use long balls, with Kelechi, Kun Aguero, it’s not a good solution for me, so maybe in the future we’re going to buy a striker who is 220 centimetres and after maybe we are going to use long balls.

“But the strikers we have you have to use it because when the opponent comes [to press] you have to use that pass, more direct but not long ball because they are not going to win one [duel].

“We don’t have strikers strong enough to play in that way. So we have to create the space to pass the ball – not to use the long ball because I don’t want to play [them].

“I am a big fan of brave players, courage players to have personality to play wherever – home, away, big clubs, small clubs, big pitches, small pitches.

“So we have to try it. If not, ok. I will not be able to train here in England.”



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