Fish Company Owner Convicted After Cocaine Was Found With Fish Shipment

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A Brooklyn fish company owner has been convicted after police found over $8 million worth of cocaine in a shipping container importing frozen shrimp.

New York press reported that Heeralall Sukdeo, owner of fish company Sukdeo Sons Fishing, was convicted by a Brooklyn Federal Court Friday.

Federal investigators using drug-sniffing dogs found 250 kilos of cocaine in a container of frozen shrimp shipped from Georgetown, Guyana to New York in June of last year. Mr Sukdeo, also known as “Randolph Fraser” was caught “red handed”. Assistant U.S. Attorney Ryan Harris said in court. “The defendant is a drug smuggler.”


The 59-year-old Sukdeo’s excuse was that he was conned by a relative but the judge didn’t buy his story, and with good reason. The New York Post reported that each package of frozen shrimp in the shipment had a phone number on it, one that was traced back to Sukdeo.

The shipment was addressed to a “Randolph Fraser” and one witness told police that not only did he know Sukdeo by that name, but that the fish company boss actually rented space at a warehouse using that alias.


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