Clown Scares Woman Into Premature Birth

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A woman in the UK who was apparently eight months pregnant prematurely gave birth after she was startled by a ‘killer clown’.
The woman is said to be doing well after a 17-year-old frightened her as part of the bizarre clown prank. The incident was reported by a friend of the woman on Facebook, who described it as a “stupid 17-year-old kid” jumped on the mother-to-be dressed as a clown in Whitwick, Leicestershire.

“It’s a nonsense craze that needs stopping,” she added.

The Facebook post read thus “Thanks for the concern about my friend. She was 8 months pregnant and had a stupid 17 year old kid jump out on her dressed as a clown . Baby came early but mother and baby doing good . Pls pls think old people and pregnant ladies arent the best to scare . It’s a nonsense craze that needs stopping”

The clown epidemic, where pranksters dress as disturbing clowns in order to prey on people’s fears, first started in South Carolina, US has now spread to different countries like the UK, Australia, the Netherlands, Mexico and New Zealand. ‘Killer clowns’ have been spotted all over the UK in recent weeks following people across dark car parks, emerging from bushes and chasing scared pedestrians.

Unlike in the US, there have been no injuries reported in the UK but as the craze grows clowns have been trying to out-prank each other, sometimes brandishing weapons. Police have issued a warning to pranksters that they could end up in jail after clowns reportedly armed with knives followed children to a school in Durham.


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