It’s British Batman Vs The Killer Clowns

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An unnamed British man has been dressing up as Batman to fight off ‘killer clowns,’ after the clown craze led to a series of injuries and seriously scared children.

The man, dressed up like the caped crusader is offering his services via the Facebook page of local costume company ‘Cumbria Superheroes’. He has refused to reveal his true identity, but has been caught on camera chasing after another man dressed as a clown.

He posted a video on Facebook telling the general public, kids especially that they did not need to be afraid anymore as he was now there to protect them. “As for you clowns, if you want to scare someone, why don’t you try and scare me?” he added. “The clowns are giving kids sleepless nights due to their antics and, well, that’s just really miffed Batman,” He said.

There has already been appreciation for his work as a young boy reportedly used his mother’s Facebook account to thank him, saying: “Hi Batman… I have been scared of this clown situation (school told us about it yesterday)… I seen on my mammy fb [Facebook] that u caught the clown this means I can go to school and not be scared, thank you for your efforts.”

In South Yorkshire, a teenage boy by the name Owen Russell ended up in hospital receiving treatment for head injuries after a clown attacked him and his friends in an alley.

Speaking about the incident, he said “I heard a sinister laugh behind us and we realized it was a clown. We were all baffled because we haven’t seen anyone dressing up like that in the area. We asked him what he was doing and he seemed intimidated because there were a lot of us. He started to walk off but then he threw a snapped branch from a tree and it hit me and pierced the side of my head.”

One police force in Britain had to deal with 14 clown-related incidents in 24 hours, and police forces across the country have warned that incidents are accelerating.

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