Beyonce’s Formation World Tour Made Over $250 Million And Sold Over 2 Million Tickets

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Beyonce’s Formation tour ended on October 7 in New Jersey and according to Billboard, the Queen sold 2.2 million tickets, taking in over $256,084,556.

The tour, which began April 27 at Marlins Park in Miami, averaged $5.2 million and 45,757 paid attendance per show with a total of 49 stops around the world, which proves that everything Beyonce touches does turn to gold.

The two shows she had in London at the Wembley stadium in July were the highest-grossing stops for the tour, selling 142,500 tickets and earning $15.3 million.

The tour received high marks for its extravagant production, but tour promoter Arthur Fogel points out that Beyonce “rose above the spectacle” in her performances.

“When everybody acknowledges the greatness of the production but, more than that, everybody is blown away by her, that’s the ultimately skill,” he says. “To not only use the platform of a great production, but to rise above it as a performer and artist, that’s her incredibly unique quality.”

“When you go up [on sale] and sell out stadiums, and in some markets multiple stadiums, it’s big,” Arthur Fogel told Billboard. “I have to congratulate the great team on our side that does these things, and I congratulate her team, because it was all really well done, well set up, and well-executed all the way around.”

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