Azealia Banks Opens Up About What Happened With Russell Crowe

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Azealia Banks

The face off between Azealia Banks and Russell Crowe in his Beverly Hills hotel dinner party this past weekend has been all over media.

Azealia speaking to The Sun explained her own side of how the altercation went down explaining that she was the actual victim of the assault. “I think he’s a racist, misogynist pig,” she said, adding that Crowe was smoking weed and drinking liquor before allegedly spitting on her and calling her the n-word.

She also said that she rejected his advances.

“This is a stain on me. My ­femininity feels stained. I feel stained as a woman, I feel mishandled, I feel mistreated, I feel dirty. I feel very fucking low.” She said. When the story first hit the news, there were conflicting reports, while Ms Banks claimed she was unfairly cursed out and removed, guests at the hotel party said that the rapper actually instigated the violence, at one point threatening another guest with a wine glass.

However she told The Sun that the Australian actor, Crowe was flirting with her and changed his tone after she rejected him and made fun of one of his guests.

“He calls me a nigger, and then grabs me, he chokes me by the throat, picks me up, throws me out of the room and then spits on me,” she says.

A source close to Crowe however reported differently, saying “Azealia’s behavior that night was abrasive, shocking, rude, offensive, abusive and erratic.”

She filed a battery report with the Beverly Hills Police Department  days later, and comedian Jim Jefferies, who was in attendance that night has tweeted his support of Crowe.


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