Aquarius Canceled By NBC After Just Two Seasons 

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NBC finally decides to cancel Aquarius

The peacock network has cancelled the David Duchovny-fronted summer series after two low-rated seasons.

The show’s fate was all but cemented in early August when NBC announced it was relocating the Charles Manson-themed period drama from its Thursday perch to the TV cemetery known as Saturday Night. At the time, entertainment president Jennifer Salke conceded the series faced “tough” odds of seeing a third season.

The series was set in Los Angeles in 1967. Duchovny played Detective Sam Hodiak who was tasked with investigating the disappearance of a teenaged girl (Emma Dumont), only to find out that she was with the Manson Family.

Gethin Anthony played a fictionalized version of Manson. The rest of the core cast included Grey Damon, Claire Holt, Ambyr Childers, Madisen Beaty, Cameron Deane, Michaela McManus, Brían F. O’Byrne and Chance Kelly.

The decision to end the drama comes after showrunner McNamara told THR ahead of its series debut that he envisioned the drama running for six seasons. “I planned out the show in terms of six seasons, and every season is approximately six months,” he said. “If you Wikipedia Manson, he was doing stuff, some of which we portray in the show, and some of which we are making leaps and connecting dots ourselves. He was not inactive. He’s a psychopath and we do not shy away from that. I don’t believe you’re going to finish watching episode 13 and say, ‘Wow, that was a big jerk-off; he didn’t do anything!’ He goes there. It’s not going to have a happy ending; we all know that, but that actually informs the suspense nicely in a way that I feel allowed us occasionally to slow down the storytelling a little bit.”



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