American Teenager Wakes Up From Coma Speaking Fluent Spanish After Concussion

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A teenage boy who suffered a concussion during a football match woke up from a coma speaking only fluent Spanish according to reports.

The young man, 16-year-old Reuben Nsemoh who was playing as a goalkeeper was accidentally hit on the head by another player in a nasty collision. Reuben’s coach Bruno Kalonji told reporters that the teenager stopped breathing several times after the blow. “I was in shock and panic” He said.

“He will start coming back, then he will throw up. It was a sequence of things I’ve never seen, it was bad.” Coach Kalonji added.  By the time an ambulance arrived, Nsemoh appeared to be having seizures and he ended up going into a coma for three days.

When the teenager woke up, he could no longer speak in English, but was fluent in Spanish, something he was previously unable to do, according to his parents.

However, as the days passed, his ability to speak English returned while his grasp of Spanish waned. Nsemoh believes he may have subconsciously remembered the conversations his friends and brother, who speaks fluently, had while he was with them.

Nsemoh, who has now suffered three concussions, is recovering at home and still harbors plans to return to the game of football as he wants to become a professional player. Coach Kalonji has said he will only let Reuben back on the pitch if he wears protective headgear.



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