Ali Baba Slams “Corrupt” Judiciary, Wants All Corrupt Judges Arrested

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Ali Baba disses Amber Rose

Veteran comedian Ali Baba has supported the recent raid of the judiciary by the Department of Secret Service.

In an Instagram post, Ali Baba blamed heap blame for the widespread corruption in the country on the judiciary. He added that if there was any evidence that the judges were corrupt, they should be arrested immediately.

He wrote:

“What is not good is very very bad… the mess in the judicial system is the reason people who should be in jail are allowed to run for elections, become governors, senators and even determine the fate of our country. That is why people whose properties… I mean all their properties, should be confiscated and jailed to boot, are all walking around like mini gods.

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Ali Baba supports DSS raid

“If it were overseas, would anyone who diverted monies that were meant to prosecute a war, and used same for personal goals, while the soldiers who were at the battle front were being killed and their wives widowed, be asking for human right cover? After you caused human lives to be lost… if there is proof that a judge was corrupt, he loses his immunity… no negotiations.

“Do you know how many people are walking free today because of the corrupted judiciary? People who were paid to provide services but did not. People who are in office because of a faulty judicial process? Do you know how many pensioners died because one man who caused their deaths, was awarded a plea bargain? Define perpetual injunction? People are in jail for a case in America, but the people who were involved in the same case that got them jailed, are party chieftains, in Nigeria!

“People who never supplied one liter of Petroleum product but collected subsidies… if there is evidence against the judges, arrest all of them! Some SANs that are shouting now may just be the ones who gave the judges money. That’s how they will be frustrating young lawyers who are on the verge of winning a career enhancing case. They will bribe the case in their Favour. Thereby killing the young lawyer’s passion and trust in the judiciary!”



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