Al Jazeera Explores Libya’s Defiant Music Scene In Upcoming Documentary, ‘Stronger Than Bullets’

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Stronger Than Bullets: Al Jazeera Explores Libya's Defiant Music Scene In Upcoming Documentary

For 42 years, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi ruled Libya with an iron fist. Those were the years the music died; all non-Arabic music was banned, under threat of imprisonment, with western instruments burned in public squares across Libya.

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Stronger Than Bullets, an upcoming Al Jazeera documentary, explores the defiant music scene that emerged during the 2011 Libyan revolution, where guitars and guns fought side by side.

Hip-hop, metal, rock, blues and even country music were suddenly echoing around Benghazi, as the city’s population found their voices for the first time in generations.

But after the revolution was won, a new threat emerged, and the musicians were again forced to scatter. Will the music scene thrive once more or will it remain mired in post-revolutionary blues?

Stronger Than Bullets is not just a study of a dazzling music bloom in the midst of a bloody revolution,” says director Matthew Millan. “It’s a rousing tale about a group of determined musicians who continued to play, armed with the unbridled joy of a liberated people, even in the direst of conditions.”

Stronger Than Bullets premieres on Wednesday, 19 October 2016 at 2000 GMT / 2200 SAST on Witness, Al Jazeera English’s inspiring documentary series that brings world issues into focus through compelling human stories.

Watch the trailer below

Stronger Than Bullets Trailer (formerly Post-Revolutionary Blues) from Matthew Millan on Vimeo.

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