Agent Mike Banning Is Coming Back To Your Screens

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mike banning

It’s been announced that secret agent Mike Banning, played by Gerard Butler is coming back to the big screen for the threequel, ‘Angel has fallen‘, a sequel to ‘London has fallen‘ which also was a sequel to ‘Olympus has fallen‘.

In the first two films, we’ve seen Agent Mike Banning risk his life for the president of the United States, however this time, he’s the target. Now it must seem like Banning is the bad people magnet, if i was one of the world leaders, i’ll have learned to stay far far away from him.

mike banning


In this movie, the code-name for Air Force One is Angel so we can presume Banning drags the leader of the free world into his mess somehow. The President probably would’ve been safer if he’d just given Banning a blank cheque after what happened in London.

Given the box office success of the first two movies in this threequel, a lot must be expected from Angel has fallenOlympus Has Fallen did $161m at the worldwide box office in 2013 while London Has Fallen generated a whopping $205m worldwide when it dropped in March, this year.

The movie is set to start shooting in the first half of 2017. No director has been announced and no release date has been set but the movie will be produced by Gerard Butler, Alan Siegel, Mark Gill, John Thompson and Matt O’Toole. Executive producers are Avi Lerner, Trevor Short and Christine Otal.

Creighton Rothenberger and Katrin Benedikt, who created the franchise, will write the script.

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