7 Things Nigerian Women Need To Stop Doing On A First Date

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While a lot of Nigerians are not accustomed to going out on dates to fancy restaurants and the likes, those that get to enjoy the thrills of going out on dates know that there are a couple of annoying attitudes women put up.

Dates from a Nigerian’s perspective ranges from going to a normal roadside bar to down a couple of bottles to watching a movie at the cinemas and eating out at lots of fancy restaurants that adorn the nooks and crannies of Nigeria.

Nigerian women are however a peculiar breed and there are a lot of good and bad things that make them so. We however have a list of things a lot of Nigeria. Women enjoy doing on the first date which honestly, they should condemn to the confines of the past.

Get Drunk
Nigerian women are generally known to be composed and conservative but quite a few break away from this norm. As a woman, it is bad to take alcohol on a first date up to a point where you become tipsy, drunk or lose total control of your senses. The tequila, margaritas, beer and vodka should be consumed minimally and if you know you’d lose control, stay off it completely.

Talk About The Exes
While it is good to use a first date to confirm the existence of his exes, it should be left at that. Don’t go on and on talking about your exes and his own as that will only take the shine out of the date. If your man mentions his favourite movie, music artiste, band or holiday destination and you go on to mention the similarities of his likes to that of your ex, things can take a downward spiral from there as it is bad for business.

Furthermore, taking a general interest in the past dating life of the man will most times come off as prying. While it is good to want to know if he once dated a psychotic person, there are better times and smarter ways to learn these things such as stalking them on social media like a normal girl than being interrogative on a first date.

Wearing Heels And Stilettos
While it’s good to want to dress to kill on the first date, men still want women to be natural and comfortable as possible. High heels and any other thing that will limit the choice of places to take you to is something you should consider letting go of.

Showing Much Of Your Skin

One thing women should realise is that leaving a part of them to be mysterious will make a man crave for them more. While you can expose part of your body sexily, showing much will most times be perceived negatively by men especially since its a first date.

Acting Rude
Don’t talk about how ugly the girls outfit across the bar is. Don’t threaten to smack a bitch in the bathroom line because she pushed by you. Do not mention your skanky ex-friend who you hate because she slept with your ex-boyfriend (that’s just a double shot in the foot). And certainly do not be rude to the waitress – tell tale sign you’re a huge bitch if you aren’t even nice to someone who could potentially spit in your food.

Whining and complaining is a common thing some Nigerian women do on a first date. From complaining about the weather or about the services offered by the place the man chose, some women have an endless list of complaints.
It’s best to leave the complaints till when you’re with your friends instead of stopping yourself and the guy you went out on date with from enjoying the moment.

No matter how valid your complaints may be, the guy will see it as a red flag and probably become more cautious with you.

Talking About Marriage
This is perhaps the fastest way to save a man off especially if you do so on a first date. Even if a general discussion leads to the marriage talk, there’s a chance that the man will feel you’re indirectly speaking about them. Stop it as it’s pretty scary for a lot of guys.



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