7 Signs You’re Bored With Your Job

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Boredom is something that comes up now and then with our jobs especially if our job details entail repetitive tasks. Every single one of us are guilty of snoozing or putting ourselves on autopilot now and then on the job. There’s nothing really bad with this but the real problem is when we fail to realise how much of our attention has been diverted away from our work. It’s good to pay attention and realise being bored can cause significant problems for you on the job and ensure we make the necessary corrections.

We’ve searched and found 7 Things that can help you know you’re bored and unhappy with your job. You may want to have a rethink of your situation and re-engage with your job or better still search for something else.

You Don’t Care
The minute you become the person that shows up at work and does the barest minimum while also displaying an “I don’t care” attitude, you’re probably bored with what you do. Doing any tak you’re assigned to is also as important as doing it properly. More so, not caring about what you do means you have no care for your future. You should set proper goals for yourself at your present job or look for something new to do.

You’re Isolating Yourself
If you notice that you use a standoffish body language and you’re physically pulling back, that’s an indication that you’re unhappy with what you do. Also, standing apart from a group at work or not accepting an invitation to a party where most of your colleagues will be present signifies that you don’t want any thing that will emotionally connect you with where you work. Whether your isolation is physical or mental, it’s not a very good sign about your level of engagement.

You No Longer Share Your Ideas
You used to be the person that brought up ideas and suggested creative things that can improve the company you work for but you no longer want to collaborate or share your ideas. You’re basically silent now and you’d only speak when you’re spoken to even during open brainstorming sessions where suggestions are open to all. If you’ve stopped generating new ideas, you’re bored and unhappy and it may be time to rethink things.

You Lack Interest In Job Tasks
When you’re unhappy with what you do, you don’t care if you’re late and you’re usually more absent-minded than you realise. This springs off from your lack of interest and engagement. Furthermore, it is also possible that you tend to get sick often at your job which may be an indication that you’re miserable at your job. Whatever it is, it’s a warning that you’re very unhappy and you should find something positive to do.

You Don’t Put In Much Effort
Flashback to the first time you started at your present job and you’d probably remember how eager and happy you were to get involved with anything related to your job. You’d likely also remember the attention you pay to details and the positive attitude you exude. If you can no longer feel this way this way and you’re no longer performing well at work, it’s time to re-assess the situation.

You’re Moody Most Times
If you find yourself having mood swings more often presently and your emotions seem to be out of control, it could be a symptom that you’re over your job. This is more important if you no longer care who is affected by your grumpy attitude at any given time.

You’re No Longer Energetic
If you find yourself lacking in energy over a period of time, that’s a warning signal for you regarding your unhappiness with your present state. If you find yourself showing up to work, but not really showing up anymore, then you might want to see what needs to change. It’s left for you to make a choice between doing interesting things that will change you and make you happy or changing your job. Either way. It’s best you know and be proactive so as to be a much better person at what you do.



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