7 Phone Habits You Should Let Go Of

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The first thing we intend to make clear is the fact that you can so do as you wish with your phone but you should ask yourself if it will really hurt you to be considerate of the feelings of other people when you make use of your phone. Opinions regarding the right way to make use of smart phones vary but there are some habits that not only make you seem like a nuisance but can also put people off greatly.

Making use of your phone in a way or manner that shows disrespect, lack of self-control and failing to put people around you into consideration only gives you off as a rude and disrespectful person. Your phone should not be used as an excuse to avoid contact with people.

For the sake of safety and good etiquette, here is a list of seven habits you should consider letting go off.

Avoid Checking Every Notification On Your Phone
Using a smartphone will most likely bring up an endless list of notifications including social media notifications and emails. Avoid Checking all your notifications at all places and at all times. Pulling out your phone to check every single buzz ads they come in can distract you and others from paying attention to your surroundings especially if you’re at an event.

Avoid Posting Too Much Selfies
A few selfies of you and your friends from time to time is ideal for the internet. Everyone probably gets the fact that you’re the fun and outgoing type but posting lots of pictures is no longer cool in 2016. More so, those pictures with pouted lips were probably cool the first time you posted them but doing so the tenth time of the same week is annoying to say the least.

Talking Loudly Over The Phone Or Playing Mobile Games Loudly In Public
Incessant sounds from the mobile phone of someone seating next to you in a public place can be annoying to say the least. It is something you should stop doing. The least you can do is to turn off the sounds of your phone when you’re in a public place and enjoy your game quietly.

Stop Walking And Typing On The Phone
Walking and typing on the phone is a bad habit that will probably make you bump into people, poles and even cars. It happens all the time and it’s pretty crazy not only because you can hurt yourself, but also because you can hurt others. You can either stand aside, respond to the messages on your phone and continue walking or wait till you get to where you’re going before using your phone.

Stop Using The Phone When Someone Is Trying To Talk To You
Nothing is more rude and annoying than someone ignoring a person trying to make conversation with them while texting away on the phone. If you’re not in the mood to talk to someone, why not simply tell them or walk away? It’s a bad habit to tap away at your phone when you’re hanging out with your friends or out on a date.

Avoid Texting And Driving
It is shocking that a lot of people put their lives and those of others at risk by indulging in this act. It is even said that using the phone while driving is more dangerous than drunk driving. Stop using your phone while driving and keep your eyes focused on the road when driving. If you must, make use of a hands free device.

Avoid Using Your Phone When Being Attended To
It is a bad habit to talk, text or make use of an earphone to listen to music when being attended to by a cashier, waiter or clerk. Making use of your phone while being attended to and making them have to repeat themselves several times when attending to you because you are talking on your phone or have your headphones on, is a very bad habit. Not paying attention to someone offering you a service is an unfair thing to do to them.

Are there any other annoying phone habits you know of?



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