5 Reasons Men Don’t Take You Seriously

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One thing a lot of women fail to realise is that it takes more than just a gorgeous and beautiful outfit to get taken seriously by a man. While dressing is very important, there are still a number of things men look out for in women than good looks and appearance.

A beautiful outfit and pretty face will surely get heads turning especially if you’re at an You expect that the men would want you and the women would want to be you.

A lot of women dress up in the best outfits in the hopes of meeting some guys that appear to be fun to be with and someone they can particularly develop a connection and build a relationship with on the long run. These women get to an event and are the cynosure of all eyes as they step into the party but no man is willing to walk up to them to start a conversation talk more of a dance.
The night wears on and no one expresses any form of interest in such women and most are left wondering what they’ve done wrong. It is usually a pretty frustrating experience for any woman that finds herself in this situation but the question is what exactly have you done wrong?

The simple answer to this is that you’re unapproachable. No matter how beautiful and fashionable you appear, a lot of men will find it difficult to walk up to you if you don’t look like someone they would love to talk to.

For a lot of men, it is a difficult and daunting experience putting themselves in the spotlight and expressing their interest to a woman. If a woman now looks like someone that is most likely to reject our advances, we would most likely stay away of such women. There are a number of things women do that makes it difficult for us men to approach them and you may want to pay attention to some of those things to get the attention you deserve from men.

You Are Too Engrossed With Your Friends
One of the most challenging thing to us men is having to approach a girl we like who is engrossed in chat and laughter with her girlfriends. The reason for this is that the fear of rejection and humiliation in front of plenty witnesses will be pretty unbearable for us. If you as a girl have an eye for a guy at a party, step away from your friends at intervals and that will encourage him to approach you.

Your Body language Is Rigid

Your body language goes a long way in determining if men are comfortable with approaching you or not. Taking a rigid or stiff posture can put men off from approaching you and being closed off all around is surely not the best way to get men attracted to you. Be as relaxed as possible and watch men get attracted to you.

You Appear Busy
While it is only normal to want to look busy with your phone or book when you’re sitting alone so as not to look like someone desperately seeking a man, it is still important you take away your focus from what you’re doing from time to time. This will send signals to any guy willing to approach you around that you’re not too engrossed with your phone or book to talk.

You Hardly Smile
While men do not expect you to bare and shine the whole of your 32 teeth for the whole duration you’re at the party, having a smiling and jovial countenance can go a long way in putting you up as an open and friendly person. Having a smiling face will attract men to you like ants attracted to sugar. Men will see you as approachable and would want to hang around with you.

You Avoid Making Eye Contact
Eye contact is perhaps one of the most important way of making men know you are interested in chatting or getting to know them. As a woman, if you see a guy that catches your fancy, be sure to let them know by making sure your eyes and theirs meets from time to time.
Try and maintain eye contact while smiling as you do so. This will send signals across to him that the chances of you rejecting him is slim.



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