10 Signs Your Nigerian Girlfriend Is Only Using You To Pass Time

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You’re happy you’ve finally found the one. She’s cool, well cultured and everybody says you look good together. You feel everything is good between the both of you except for a snag here and there. You are head over heels in love with her and you feel your world would crumble if she ever leaves. But the big question you just can’t seem to find an answer to is, does she feel the same way as me?


Nigerian Women are some of the most confusing and complicated. They prefer to beat around the bush instead of coming out straight about what they feel. If you doubt how serious she is about you and you’re not sure if she’s only using you to pass the time, these signs can help clear your doubts.

She Doesn’t Respect What You Feel
If she’s constantly meeting up with other guys and flaunting it in your face or doing things that show she doesn’t respect you, have a rethink about her and perhaps move on with your life.

You’ve Never Eaten Her Meal
Most Nigerian Women pride themselves in their cooking. While she’s not your maid and you may not have paid her bride price, if she’s really into you, she’d make you meals now and again if you’re something more than an object to pass the time.

She Hardly Has Time For You
One signal Nigerian Girls are fond of giving off when they just want to use you to pass the time is that they only have your time when they need you. If you find her always complaining of how tight her schedule is and bringing up numerous excuses when you want to see her, you’re a brother in the friend zone.

She Always Has An Excuse For Being Unavailable
If her excuse is not genuine but flimsy every time she cancels a date where you both will have the opportunity of getting private, she doesn’t want to be with you. When you really like someone, you’ll want to be with them all the time. If she has one excuse or the other, she’s probably avoiding having a private moment with you and signalling you that you’re a sidekick.

She Takes Eternity To Reply Your Messages
We all know how women love their phones and keep it close. If you send her instant messages and she takes hours or days to reply, you may want to take a walk. Someone that feels something for you will always want to check up on you and reply your messages the instant they see them. If she’s not doing this, she’s not serious about you. Period.

You Recharge Her Phone But She Never Calls You
A lot of guys have fallen for this. When you send her prepaid cards for her phone and she never calls you back to acknowledge receipt or she flashes you and you have to call her back for her to thank you, you’re on a long thing. She’s using your airtime to probably call another dude. Abort mission.

She Sees You As Her ATM
Anytime she agrees to see you, you always have to take her out for Pizza and Ice cream and she wants to take some home with her after filling herself up. Some Nigerian women will keep collecting and collecting, asking for favours without reciprocating. If you always give her something and never get anything I. Return, she’s definitely not serious with you.

She Doesn’t Want To Hear About Marriage
A lot of Nigerian Women get freaked out about marriage talks. If you find her putting it off or telling you she’s not ready, she’s probably not interested in you. There’s never a right time to talk about marriage especially if love is involved and if she’s avoiding it, she doesn’t see you as been worthy enough to spend the rest of her life with.

She Hasn’t Checked Up On You In Weeks
You’ve been ill and unable to get across to her or you simply want to know if she’d call you if you don’t check up on her. It’s been a week and still no call from her, what are you waiting for? Don’t buy the ‘I’ve been busy excuse’. A day is made up of 24 hours and each hour has 60 minutes with each corresponding minute having 60 seconds. It takes only a few seconds to send a message or make a call, don’t you think?

She Doesn’t Introduce You To People That Matter In Her Life
Nigerian Women value their friends and family and when they introduce you to them, it shows commitment. If her family and friends don’t know about you, you may have to bounce. If she’s serious about you, she’d definitely want the people that matter in her life to know about you.



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