Woman Lives With Son’s Corpse For 20 Years

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A man’s corpse was found in his mother’s home in Brooklyn, New York City when a relative came to visit and to bring her to the hospital.

The woman, Rita Wolfensohn is a blind hoarder who, according to reports, may not have had any idea her son Louis, a cab driver, had died in the house.

When the police asked her, she spoke of him as if he had moved out of her house. The police believe the man has been dead for up to 20 years.

Josette Buchman, Rita’s sister-in-law was the one who found the skeleton when she came to pick the woman up to take her to the hospital after a fall. She reportedly found the skeleton intact, dressed in jeans, a shirt and socks lying on a mattress face up.

According to Buchman and her husband who was Rita’s brother, Rita had been separated from the rest of the family for many years and was hardly ever visited.

Other relatives said they hadn’t seen Louis in 20 years. and even though an investigation into his death is ongoing, authorities believe he died of natural causes. Louis Wolfensohn would’ve been 49 this year.

Rita Wolfensohn is now living in an assisted-living facility, according to her brother Joseph Buchman.

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