Breaking News: Was TECNO Mobile Social Media Account-Twitter Hacked?

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Another Sunday, another drama. Something peculiar happened on Twitter today, a series of tweets about love or the lack of it, with a female voice, that was both entertaining, private and emotional was published via a brand’s account – TECNO Mobile.

You might have stumbled on these tweets or maybe it was re-tweeted onto your timeline.  If you didn’t, we got you!
Tecno mobile _1 Tecno mobile _2

This happened after the match between Watford and Man United, which kicked off at 12pm. It caused a lot fuss and furore on Twitter.

People retweeted the tweets and speculated that it was possibly a hack — or the social media manager’s was unhappy in her present relationship, itching and in a quest to vent was unaware that it was published via a wrong account.

Even Sub-delivery man – who delivers subliminal messages, gossip and speculations -picked up on the tweets and also jumped on it. So did many other active twitter users.

 Tecno mobile _3 Tecno mobile _4

Tecno Mobile_Screen Shot 2016-09-18 at 5.04.22 PM Tecno Mobile_Screen Shot 2016-09-18 at 5.04.39 PM (1) Tecno Mobile_Screen Shot 2016-09-18 at 5.04.22 PM (1) Tecno mobile _Screen Shot 2016-09-18 at 5.04.01 PM

We are interested in knowing how this plays out, and how TECNO Mobile will recover from it all if they were hacked at all. Or maybe this was a brilliant attempt to gain attention.

What do you think about this pandemonium? Let us know your thoughts.

UPDATE: Tecno has revealed that this was just a social media strategy, revolving around the release of their latest smartphone.


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      1. an intelligent personal assistant on your smartphone to enable for smooth and easy navigation. However Siri is peculiar to the iPhone alone, just as Cortana is peculiar to Windows.

  1. Amazing way to get attention i must say..and the name beautyandthebest is just perfect for the phantom 6 and 6 plus..kudos to Tecno

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