Toddler Survives Alone For 3 Days In Dangerous Siberian Forest

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A 3-year-old boy has been given the nickname ‘Mowgli’ after he survived alone for 72 hours in a Siberian forest notorious for bears and wolves.

The young boy, Tserin Dopchut ran after a puppy who had wandered into the dangerous woodland when he became lost. His great grandmother was supposed to be looking after him but she didn’t notice when he ran off into the forest after the pup.

The town’s people initiated a full scale search for the young boy but couldn’t find him. Young¬†Tserin had a couple chocolate bars stashed in his pocket and that was what he survived on while he made himself a bed in the roots of a big larch tree. The pup found it’s own way home later, leaving the little boy in the dangerous Siberian wilderness.

It took three days and hundreds of rescuers to find the boy who was eventually spotted by his uncle after he recognized the voice and called back when his uncle called out to him.

Tuva Emergencies Chief Ayas Saryglar explained how dangerous the situation was. “The River Mynas is fast and cold. If a small child fell in, It would be certain death. There are wolves, and bears in the forest. The bears are now fattening for the winter. They attack anything that moves.”

The boy’s father is a soldier in the Russian Army.

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