Tinder And Spotify Trying To Make Finding Love Easier

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Tinder and Spotify announced a partnership this morning, now you can show off your taste in music by linking your Spotify account to your Tinder profile.

The two companies decided on a name for this feature. The song will be called your “Anthem” as it is supposed to be the one track that represents you perfectly. A person’s music taste says a lot about him/her.

There have been studies that linked people’s music preferences to their core values. But even more importantly, it’s just good to know that the potential love of your life won’t skip your favorite song.

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Tinder and Spotify announce partnership

Want to add your Anthem to your Tinder ? Here’s how to do that

  • Search Spotify to find your Anthem even if you haven’t connected your Spotify account to Tinder.
  • Visit your Profile Settings in Tinder to connect your Spotify account (or download Spotify from the App Store or Google Play to create a new account for free).
  • Select which of your favorite Spotify artists you’d like to display on your Tinder profile.
  • Start swiping to see who shares your taste in music.

This feature launches today, Good luck lovers.

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