Son Of China’s Richest Man Buys Dog Eight iPhone 7s

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China's Richest Man

The pet dog to the only son of China’s richest man Wang Jianlin, Coco the Alaskan Malmute might be the most pampered dog in the world.

The dog has apparently been given eight new iPhone 7s by her owner, 28-year-old Wang Sicong. Pictures from Chinese social media shows the canine posing next to a stack of eight boxes believed to contain a £800 phone each.

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Chinese man buys dog 8 iPhone 7s

Wang Sicong, the dog’s owner is worth £430 million but that’s nothing compared to his father’s £23 billion worth.

The pictures are believed to have been uploaded by Wang Sicong himself. He also shared them on the dog’s very own verified social media account on Weibo. Weibo is China’s equivalent for Twitter. The dogs’s account has nearly 1.9 million users and is named “Wang Keke is a bitch”.

The images were posted on September 16, soon after the iPhone went on sale. Sicong is a successful business man and is also one of the richest entrepreneurs under 30 in China.

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