Smith: Fear Will Drive Me In Fight Against Alvarez

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British boxer Liam Smith has stated fear is the force driving him to victory against Canelo Alvarez on Saturday.

Canelo has lost just one of his 49 bouts to Floyd Mayweather, but knocked out Amir Khan last May.

“That’s the most beautiful part of it all, even though it also takes some adaptation and getting used to. I am looking forward to it and I do not have any doubts. I am full of confidence and believe in my body.

“Things are looking good, but I have learned from the past. I don’t want to celebrate too early. Things went very well on Thursday, now we’ll see how it goes on Friday.

“Bayern’s successes serve as an extra motivation to return to the pitch and contribute to it. I have had my fair share of injuries, but this one was quite the blow. You lose motivation a bit and need to get everything back on track again.

“I hope things continue as they are going now. My only goal is to make sure I am still fit come December with a smile on my face.”

He is favourite to beat WBO light middleweight champion Smith, 28, when they meet on Saturday.

“I need tests like this because I need a bit of fear in me to win,” the Liverpudlian told BBC Sport.

“I need that fear factor in training otherwise I might get beat by someone I should never lose against, all because I couldn’t get up in the morning.

“I don’t want that to happen, so this fear I have in training will bring the best out of me when I face Alvarez.”

Smith, who is unbeaten in 24 contests, won the WBO belt when he defeated USA fighter John Thompson in Manchester last October.

He believes that victory on Saturday will establish him as a major force in world boxing, and that this was why he told his promoter Frank Warren that he wanted the fight.

“I’m one win away from being a superstar,” he said.

“This kind of fight is one I’ve asked for since I won the title. I could’ve kept kidding the public, kept taking money off Frank and said: ‘I’m not ready to step up yet. Keep on giving me easy fights.’

“But as soon as I became world champion and they gave me the WBO belt, I’ve wanted to fight the big names ever since. I wanted to fight guys like Shane Moseley, Miguel Cotto and Alvarez – and now I have my chance.”

Alvarez, the former WBC middleweight champion, has been fighting since the age of 15, and demonstrated his punching power during his emphatic victory over Khan.

But Smith said: “In my frame of mind, I’m not going in that ring as the underdog and I’m not calling it an upset because I know I’m good enough to beat him.

“I will look for the knockout, because that’s the way I fight. I want to get in there, break him down and stop him. And when I win and my hand is raised, I’ll say to all those people that doubted me: ‘I told you so.'”



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