Skydivers And Pilot Leap From Plane That Crashes Into House

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Four skydivers and a pilot are lucky to be alive as they leaped put of their plane which crashed into a house in Arizona.

An aircraft mechanic witnessed the crash and said the Cessna 182 was in trouble before it ploughed into the house in Gilbert, Maricopa County.

Abdul Khan said the loud noise he heard from the single-engine plane told him that something was wrong. “This one started coming down like a big ball” he said. “It went flat for a little bit  and then started to nose-dive, it was so close we thought it was going to come into our house. When it came down, it made a big noise”

The skydivers, who were preparing to jump into an annual event to celebrate the adoption of the US constitution, and the pilot jumped from the aircraft and parachuted to safety before it crashed completely destroying the house. Two people were in the house when the plane crashed but made it out safely without any injuries.

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