Samsung Is Being Sued Over A Note 7 That Allegedly Burnt A Man

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It was a matter of when and not if for when the lawsuits start flying in for Samsung over the exploding Galaxy Note 7’s.

Samsung is being sued by a man in Florida who says a Note 7 exploded while in his pants pocket, causing a second degree burn on his leg as well as burns on his thumb when he tried to remove it.

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Samsung sued over Note 7

The man, Jonathan Strobel says his phone exploded on September 9th. This was a week after Samsung issued an unofficial recall but still a full week before the phone was formally recalled. The lawsuit seeks damages for his medical bills, suffering and lost wages.

A Samsung Spokesperson has said the company is “aware of Mr Strobel’s incident” but will not comment on pending litigation. “We are urging all Note 7 owners to power down their devices and exchange it immediately” the spokesperson said. They encouraged phone owners to visit the Samsung website for information on how to swap out a recalled phone.

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