Rita Dominic Reveals Her Desire To Have A Child

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Nollywood’s evergreen Rita Dominic has disclosed she wants babies and is sharing a tip to get her kind of skin.

During a Facebook Live chat on Sunday, September 4, a fan queried, “Do you have kids?” and she responded with a “No”.

“No I don’t, But I would love to,” she added. “I love children so much and I am working on it, hopefully.”

She also revealed she maintains her beauty by drinking lots of water and exercising.

With her skin looking flawless even at the age of 41, we think she has an elixir and she isn’t spilling.

Rita Dominic Shares Her Flawless Secret Via Live Video

The actress is set to play one of her most challenging roles yet in the movie, 76.

Set in the 1976 military coup and the assassination of General Murtala Mohammed, Rita plays the pregnant love interest of a young officer from the middle belt.

Their relationship is thriving until another routine military posting shatters their world.

76 will be premiered on November 25, 2016.

Produced by Adonaija Owiriwa and directed by Iso Ojukwu, its plot represents two perspectives.

One point of view is that of a young pregnant woman, and the second being that of her lover, a soldier accused of treason.

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