Rio 2016 Paralympics: Oscar Pistorius’ 200m Record Broken

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A new 200m T44 record has been set at the Rio 2016 Paralympics by New Zealand’s Liam Malone.

Malone completed the race in 21.06 seconds. He subsequently beat the time of 21.30 seconds set by South African Oscar Pistorius at the 2012 London Olympics.

Malone breaks Pistorius record

“I wouldn’t be here without those blades in the first instance. I’m filled with gratitude to everyone who invested in me from the start,” he told Stuff news agency.

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“After watching his heat I knew he was in pretty good form, especially with how relaxed he was,” Malone’s coach, James Mortimer said.

“But watching it this morning, he just ran as well as he could and just executed everything as we planned and brought it home well,” he said.

The medal is also Malone’s second of the the competition, having won silver at the 100m race on Friday.



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