Ray J Calls Kanye West A Hypocrite

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Ray J is pissed at Kanye West for mentioning his name during the MTV VMAs and wonders why the rapper is suddenly so cool with his wife’s sex tape.

We all saw this coming, it was just a matter of when and the “when” has arrived.

According to TMZ, Ray J believes Kanye only accepted his sex tape with his wife Kim Kardashina since he’s ripping off the fame.

Ray’s crew said Kim grinning ear to ear at the VMAs when Kanye mentioned him was very disgusting seeing as she had expressed displeasure at him when he released his song, “I Hit It First” – in reference to their sex tape.

Ray labeled Kanye a “hypocrite”since the Pablo hitmaker joined his wife to blast him in public when “I Hit It First” came out, with Kanye retaliating by dissing Ray J with the release of “Bound 2” saying he was “Brandy’s lame little sister.”

Kanye didn’t stop there, on his The Life of Pablo track, “Highlights”, he rapped, “I bet me and Ray J would be friends if we ain’t love the same bitch/Yeah, he might’ve hit it first/Only problem is, I’m rich.”

ray j
Ray J, Kim Kardashina and Kanye West

TMZ also stated that reps for both Kanye West and Ray J discussed the song “Highlights” before it’s release and Ray was cool with it.

After the release of Kanye’s “Highlights”, Ray J recorded and released his own song titled “Never Shoulda Did That,” where he rapped about how sorry he was about his sex tape with Kim Kardashian.

That was the last we heard from their lyrical feud. Until the MTV VMAs.

Paparazzi caught up with the Famous singer at the Mercer Hotel in NYC, Wednesday, August 31, where he was asked how he felt about Ray’s reaction to mentioning him at the just concluded MTV VMAs.

Kanye said he couldn’t understand why Ray and everyone criticizing him were mad at him seeing as they were all in the same bed.

From his stand point, he feels cool enough with Ray to share a bed with him in spite of the sex tape he made with his wife, Kim Kardashian.

Kanye’s view is Kanye’s view but Ray J doesn’t want to keep being tied to his sex tape with Kim so maybe everyone should respect his decision.

But then again, with social media, Ray J lives in a world that can never let go of that part of his past and will remind him every single day about it.

Unless he makes the decision to go dark on social media.

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