Quentin Miller’s Foot Amputated Following Car Accident

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Quentin Miller

Quentin Miller, the rapper and songwriter who was revealed to the world as Drake’s alleged ghostwriter has recently revealed that his foot has been amputated.

The Atlanta based MC took to instagram to visually announce his situation. The photo posted showed the rapper’s legs from the calf down with one leg having been replaced by a metal prosthetic.

Thanks for being patient. Falco when it’s ❄️❄️❄️❄️…

A photo posted by Q.M. (@quentinmiller__) on


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Quentin Miller loses foot

“Thanks for being patient, Falco when it’s [cold]” was the caption, apparently likening himself to Falco Lombardi , a video game character with mechanical legs from the video game ‘Star Fox’.

The reason for the amputation has however not been revealed. It has however been rumored that the Atlanta MC was in a very bad car accident a couple weeks ago. He is also said to have lost his lower leg as a result of his injuries.

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