#ProjectFame9.0 Academy Day 59: Meet And Greet With The Sponsors

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#ProjectFame9.0 Academy Day 59 saw the final six contestants pay a visit to the sponsors of the show, telecommunications giant MTN. They were warmly received by senior staff of the company who advised them to be steadfast and make good use of the platform and leverage the show provided them with.

The super six contestants were also advised to take their music to digital platforms as that was easier and faster for consumers to gain access to. Also, the contestants were told to diversify their talents from the conventional 3 to 5 minutes song recording as a lot of modern day performers are beginning to branch into new territories. The contestants got the best of wishes from the sponsors of the show who told them that despite the fact that there will be only one winner, they were all winners in their own rights and they assured them that the company will always be there to support their dreams and musical endeavours whenever called upon.

The final six contestants, who were accompanied by the Academy Principal, Mummy J, Music Maestro Uncle Ben and dance Instructor Ms. Lovette also met staffs of the company in different departments who were happy to receive them. The managing director of Ultima studios where the show is recorded, Mr. Ayeni also accompanied the contestants as they moved from one department to the other at MTN Nigeria headquarters.

Some members of staff danced as the contestants performed a medley of songs which they appreciated. The contestants signed off by shouting the ‘I rep Project Fame Slogan’ with the staff of each department they met. Later on, they pleaded for votes from workers in the company before making their way out and back to the academy.

Ms. Ige was waiting for them and she went straight to business by asking if they all have a good grasp of their personal compositions. The contestants then went on to ask questions bothering them which, Ms. Ige answered to the best of her ability.

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