#ProjectFame9.0 Academy Day 57: Back To The Roots

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Academy day 57 of the #ProjectFame9.0 competition was an interesting one as the contestants participated in interesting activities that had them going back to their roots and having a fellowship together.

In a surprising move, the final six contestants made their way to worship and fellowship in church. They were received warmly and they performed a medley of praise and worship songs which was a bit different from what they were used to performing all through their time in the academy. Pere played the keyboard at first and later joined the other five, Winner, Okiemute, Elizabeth, Kitay and Dapo as they sang their hearts out.

The activities of academy day 57 kicked off with the contestants lazing about in the house before they got a visit by Hamza and Deji who are financial experts. The guests kicked off their visit by asking the final six contestants the last time they read a book on finance and which of them loved numbers. All the contestants agreed to the fact that they do. The guests went on to tell them that their would be a winner among them and told them that it was important for them to start planning what they would do with the money that will be attached to winning the competition.

Hamza went on to ask the contestants if they were aware of some of the crazy and absurd insurance some celebrities take on parts of their body and all agreed. He went on to give them reasons why they should insure their bodies and how they can invest their winnings. He told them it was important they understand their finances in three ways. He told them to pay themselves, make money available for emergencies and have a dream account.

Deji told them that having a structure and a safe house that will plan for the time that they can no longer jump on stage. He cited the example of David Beckham who set his plans as a consultant football expert while he was still a footballer and encouraged the contestants to plan for retirement when they are still active.

The contestants also voted for the last captain of the academy between Dapo and Okiemute who have never been captain in the house. Winner ended up handing over the baton of leadership in the academy to Okiemute who will be the last captain for the season.

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