#ProjectFame9.0 Academy Day 54: Harrysong Visits The Academy

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With the #ProjectFame9.0 competition gradually coming to an end, the last six contestants know they have to impress the faculty, judges and most especially the viewers with their personal compositions for them to work away with the top prize of the show.

It was a fun day in the Academy for the contestants as they kicked off the day by speaking with their family, friends, and loved ones before the entry of the day’s visitor into the house.

The contestants had an interesting and emotional time talking to their families as their joy knew no bounds. The final six contestants were encouraged to keep working hard and keep the faith in their quest for the top position.

Family and loved ones also assured the contestants of their vote and support for the remaining part of the competition.

In a quest to bring out the best from the contestants especially regarding their personal compositions, the final six contestants spent academy day 54 with prolific singer and songwriter, Harrysong who was in the house to teach them the rudiments of making a hit song.

The prolific songwriter and singer who has hit songs like Reggae Blues, Baba For The Girls, Beta Pikin and a lot more spoke in clear terms about the major ingredients which a hit song usually has. He highlighted the three major ingredients as the melody, the movement, and the hook.

Harrysong told the contestants that there has to be a transition between all the three elements for listeners to appreciate the songs and he advised the contestants to put these three important points into consideration as they work on their personal compositions.

He went on further to share his inspiring story and journey from nothing to fame in the music industry with the contestants. He mentioned a number of challenges he faced with record labels and how he was able to surmount all the obstacles he faced.

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