#ProjectFame9.0 Academy Day 53: Contestants Relive Lessons Learnt

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There is no doubt that #ProjectFame9.0 has been a learning experience for all the contestants that made it to the finals especially the six that made it to the finals.

The contestants appeared to have become better versions of themselves as they have improved in all areas necessary for them to become music superstars.

This fact and more was buttressed in Mummy J’s class by the final six contestants. Overall, the contestants ended up having quite a loaded day of trainings today as they had classes from all the members of the Faculty.

The activities of academy day 53 began with Mummy J asking each and every one of the contestants to specifically state the lessons they had learnt so far in the Academy.

Without mincing words, each contestant described in details the various lessons and virtues they have inculcated during their journeys in the academy.

Pere was of the opinion that the academy has completely changed his orientation because of the timed structure which he said will allow him be a better person.

Kitay on his part said that being on #ProjectFame9.0 has helped him to become more apologetic has opposed to using fights to settle issues.

Elizabeth said the academy has helped her do a lot of thinking and analysis of issues instead of accepting them the first time around.

Okiemute said before she entered the academy, she had problems with time management but she has become much better at time management.

Winner said she has become more time conscious and stronger emotionally especially when Uncle Ben castigated them a day before the shows.

Dapo said he has been able to control his sexual urges and control himself overall.

Uncle Ben was next in class and supervised the rehearsals of the contestants cover songs for the weekend performances as he tweaked and converted the songs from one music genre to another.

The rehearsals continued in Ms. Ige’s class as the contestants rehearsed for their duet performances which also flowed into Ms. Lovette’s class.

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