#ProjectFame9.0 Academy Day 51: Contestants Get More Confident

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The activities for academy day 51 of #ProjectFame9.0 commenced with a visit to The Beat 99.9 FM by the contestants who appeared to be full of confidence.

The OAPs Olisa Adibua and Maria Okan asked each of the contestants what songs they sang that got them into the finals. Each and every one of the contestants sang their songs with confidence – an indication that they were no longer scared of eviction.

The confidence shown by all the contestants was a sharp contrast to the air of ‘meekness’ that was usually heavy around them in their previous visits. The presenters passed comments regarding the confidence of the contestants, saying it is one of the perks of making it to the last lap of the competition as they went on to canvass for votes.

Despite the fact that the contestants have entered the final lap of the competition, they sure can’t afford to rest on their oars as there is still so much to do to become the superstars that Project Fame West Africa intends to make them. This necessitated the visit of Ms. Ige and Cobhams into the house to add magical touches to their personal compositions.

Cobhams said he will go through the personal compositions quickly, as Ms. Ige had work to do with them and he started with Okiemute’s composition. Okiemute chose to read out her lyrics as opposed to singing it and Cobhams turned it into something pleasant to the ears.

Pere also sang his personal compositions and had the music maestro add his magical touch to the lyrics, making it sound better. Next up was Kitay and both Ms. Ige and Cobhams loved the lyrics and they only told him to get more creative with his adlibs. Dapo’s song was a little bit fast paced and Cobhams said he’s not going to change anything about it because it sounded right.

Cobhams told the contestants they will be performing the songs without his input the next day telling them that the songs are theirs and they should do their best to own them.

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