#ProjectFame9.0 Academy Day 46: A Debate On Philanthropy

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What exactly is the reason why philanthropists are generous? Is their philanthropy borne out of pity or a love for the less privileged? This and more was the subject of debate on Academy day 46 of #ProjectFame9.0.

The activities of the day commenced with Mummy J’s class who told the contestants that she wants them to have several discussions which she said was making the contestants more confident on stage. She had several topics written in pieces of paper put in a bowl and randomly selected the topic to be discussed which was “Is Philanthropy Pity or Love?”

The debate session was an interesting and entertaining one as the contestants had different and varying views regarding the issue. While some took the stance that some people’s philanthropic nature was borne out of the fact that they want to show off and be seen as good-natured, others felt people did such because they pitied and empathized with people that didn’t have enough resources.

Furthermore, some of the contestants felt that some people were free-giving because giving was part of their philosophy and naturally love to give to the poor and downtrodden. At the end of the debate, the contestants were able to come to a conclusion under the guidance of Mummy J that philanthropy was an essential part of society and should be done for the right reasons.

The second class of the day was anchored by Uncle Ben and he supervised the individual and group song rehearsals. The contestants seem to have gotten their individual songs right but still appeared to have issues with the group songs which they will be performing by the weekend. Only a few of the contestants got the lines of the group songs right to the displeasure of Uncle Ben who harped on the importance of the contestants delivering an exceptional show at the weekend’s gala nights.

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