#ProjectFame9.0 Academy Day 45: Cobhams In The Building!

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The activities of day 45 in the #ProjectFame9.0 academy kicked off with Ms. Ige’s joint class session with renowned Nigerian producer, musician and songwriter, Cobhams Asuquo.

With the competition drawing to an end, the time for the remaining contestants in the competition to create and compose their individual songs is here.

The contestants looked surprised and quiet as Cobhams made his way into the class but he asked them to lighten up as they were too ‘chilled’. This caused them to laugh and thus set the tone for an interesting and entertaining class.

The class commenced with the contestants singing the songs they would be performing over the weekend. Cobhams encouraged the contestants to perform the songs in their natural form by respecting art in whatever form it comes.

The class was an intensive and collaborative one between Ms. Ige and Cobhams and it majorly focused on the essential elements of writing a good song. The maestros also highlighted the attributes of a good song writer, the requirements and the importance of being unique in ones individual songs.

Cobhams told the contestants that they can’t be good writers if they are not good readers. He told them that if they want to expand their choice of words, they need to read more to broaden choice of words and improve lyrics.

The contestants were also encouraged to understand where their strength lies while having it at the back of their minds that not every good singer would make a good song writer and vice versa. Cobhams told the contestants to compose songs with lyrics that inspire people as opposed to the average songs that are available in Nigeria today.

Okiemute asked what Cohbams’ perception to intellectually deep songs to which the maestro responded that there are people that listen and enjoy every type of song. He told the contestants to be as true to themselves as possible if they ever intend to pursue music to the fullest.

The other class of the day was that of Ms. Lovette and she also emphasised the importance of being unique in stage performances. She also told the contestants to identify their unique ‘selling point’ as that is what people will remember them for.


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