#ProjectFame9.0 Academy Day 44: Artiste And Musician, What’s The Difference?

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#ProjectFame9.0 Academy Day 44 was a learning and fun experience for the contestants as they finally got to learn the difference between an artiste and a musician.

The activities of the day commenced with the 5 contestants on probation — Dapo, Mirabel, Pere, Elizabeth and Eli — visiting The Beat FM 99.9 to plead for viewers’ votes. They also admitted that they needed to work on the loopholes in their last performances in hopes of staying in the competition.

After the visit to the radio station, it was time for classes and Ms. Ige commenced the day’s learning sessions. She started by talking about each individual performance of the contestants in probation.

Ms. Ige started with Eli’s nomination performance by saying he was slightly off key because he appeared to be shouting. On Elizabeth, she was of the opinion that the moment she started moving around on stage, her voice was no longer smooth.

Pere was told that he didn’t embolden the character but that he was vocally ok. Mirabel complained about being concerned about her voice texture and she was encouraged to follow through because she’s basically sang the song over and over again.

Ms. Ige’s session overall touched on individual uniqueness of every one of the contestants even as she critically analysed their performances. She also highlighted each of their strong points and the areas they need to work on.

The next class was that of the music director of the Academy, Uncle Ben and he started off with the group rehearsals. The contestants appeared to have perfected their vocals in anticipation of the weekend’s performances.

Uncle Ben went on to tell them that they all have their individual uniqueness and should never be afraid to take risks. He went on further to elaborate on the difference between a musician and an artiste, saying a musician combines vocal delivery and showmanship to deliver excellent performances.

He told them that in all, a musician does more than an artiste and never gets to place performance fees above his craft. Uncle Ben told them that a musician is part of the stage by stage process of making a song from the beat making process to the lyrics and that they should choose wisely, which path they want to take.


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