#ProjectFame9.0 Academy Day 43: Contestants Critique Uncle Ben

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Academy day 43 of the #ProjectFame9.0 competition was one in which the contestants exuded high spirits despite the fact that only three out of the whole lot escaped being placed on probation.

All the remaining eight contestants had fun participating and laughing with the various activities that took place on the day.

The activities of the day commenced with the election of a new house captain. The outgoing house leader, Elizabeth told the contestants that they will be electing the new captain with a word exercise. The contestants were required to bring out words from a first word until there are no more words possible. The last person standing will automatically be the academy captain for the week.

After a long and brain-tasking exercise, Kitay was the last man standing and the baton of leadership was passed on to him. As always, their first task for the week entailed choosing a new Academy captain.

After the election of a new class captain, Uncle Ben walked in for his class and announced the songs which the contestants will be performing at the weekend gala shows. The songs included Nigerian songs from the 90’s and evergreen songs by African legends. He also announced the group songs that all the contestants will be expected to sing.

After Uncle Ben had given the contestants their songs for the week, the contestants had some hard truths for Uncle Ben over his performance on the Nomination night. They critiqued Uncle Ben’s performance in a funny way by mimicking the style in which the judges passed off comments on the contestants performances.

All the contestants however admitted to being inspired by Uncle Ben’s performance and hope to raise the bar above what he did at the show.

The rest of the day saw the contestants doing nothing but laze about while chatting about an array of things.

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