#ProjectFame9.0 Academy Day 40: Falz The Bahd Guy Visits

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The Project Fame show has come to be known for nurturing stars and bringing top talents in the entertainment industry to perform, and #ProjectFame9.0 is no different.

One of the stars that made an unforgettable appearance on Nomination show 5 of the #ProjectFame9.0 competition is the Soldier and Ello Bae crooner- Falz. He stopped by the Academy on day 40 to spend time with the contestants.

The day’s activities kicked off with Mummy J’s class who asked Oluchi to speak on a topic centered on taking risks to attain greatness. Oluchi read out an inspirational article by the Late Activist Tai Solarin, titled “May Your Road Be Rough.” After reading out the article, she went on to explain the keywords and her perspective of the work.

She talked about how Africans were comfortable going along with inventions and not wanting to pass through the pain that brings forth success.

The highly controversial but thought provoking article drew applause from the contestants and a bit of disagreement at some of the assertions raised by the article.

Pere was of the opinion that he doesn’t agree with the assertion that Africans don’t think but that he rather believes that it is fear that restricts acting on thoughts.

Mummy J talked about the visit of the Facebook’s Chief Executive Officer, Mark Zuckerberg to young entrepreneurs in Nigeria and how important we can put ideas and thoughts into reality.

After Mummy J’s class, it was Falz’s time as the man who has come to be known for his humour and hilarious style of speaking made his way into the house. Falz had the contestants reeling with laughter while also sharing wisdom nuggets on how they can survive in the music industry.

The lawyer turned musician and comedian, advised the contestants saying that if their dreams was to be successful in the music industry, they had to focus on being more successful than on other people.

He went on to answer questions from the contestants even as he laced his answers with humour.


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