#ProjectFame9.0 Academy Day 39: Lessons From An Alumnus

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The 39th day in the #ProjectFame9.0 Academy saw the contestants add to their knowledge of singing and performances with a visit from an alumnus of the Project Fame academy.

The day’s activities kicked off with Uncle Ben’s class who asked each and every one of the contestants if they were adequately prepared for their individual performances since they won’t be making use of any paper today.

He kicked off the day’s rehearsals with the group performances which the contestants struggled with on academy day 38. Unfortunately, some of the contestants still struggled with the lyrics of the songs to the displeasure of Uncle Ben.

At the end of the class however, the contestants that struggled with the lyrics were able to get the pronunciation of the difficult words right, even as Yusuph and Elizabeth were scheduled to lead the group songs.

After Uncle Ben’s class, a contestant in the Project Fame Academy Season 6, Johnny Drille, visited the house. The Project Fame alumnus was back to the very place where his journey to stardom began to share not only his experiences in the academy, but those he garnered over the years as a performing artist.

Johnny Drille has gone on to carve a niche for himself in the folk music genre and he encouraged the contestants to do the best they can to make use of the opportunities the #ProjectFame9.0 platform will provide them with.

He also reminded the contestants of how competitive the music industry is, while emphasizing on the importance of being original and refusing pressure from competitors to deviate from a chosen path.

The contestants enjoyed the interactive session with Johnny Drille so much so that they asked him to perform for them. He obliged them and performed his song titled My Beautiful Love. His vocals were accompanied with the beautiful melody of the guitar strings made possible by Godwyn Guitar, who came with him and made the song more pleasurable to the ears.

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