#ProjectFame9.0 Academy Day 38: Letting The Pain Out

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The words “No pain, No gain” aptly describes the #ProjectFame9.0 academy as the contestants constantly feel the pressure to perform which cause them pain in more ways than one.

Academy day 38 kicked off with Uncle Ben’s class as the contestants rehearsed the group songs they would be performing by the weekend. A number of the contestants had problems pronouncing the indigenous song lyrics including Eli who apparently struggled with pronouncing the lyrics of 9ice’s Photocopy.

Kitay, Winner, Pere, Oluchi, Okiemute and Dapo also struggled with getting the lyrics of the same song correctly. Only Yusuph and Elizabeth were able to get the lyrics of the song right and they had to help the rest of the contestants with getting their pronunciations right.

Uncle Ben told the contestants that Yusuph and Elizabeth will lead the songs because they were comfortable and had a good understanding of the lyrics because it was their language.

Yusuph and Pere also practiced the individual songs they will be performing over the weekend with the former having problems with the notes of Nomoreloss’s Iyawo Asiko and the latter delivering a flawless performance of OJB Jezreel’s Searching. Winner however ended the class with a wonderful performance that and had the contestants covered in goose pimples with her singing of Brenda Fassie’s Vulindlela.

Ms. Ige during her class once again reiterated the importance of the contestants being in class before the arrival of their tutor. She sent Eli, Kitay and Dapo out of her class for arriving late and indiscipline.

Ms. Ige observed that Mirabel seemed unsettled as she was about commencing rehearsals for her individual song, Whitney Houston’s Where Do Broken Hearts Go. Ms. Ige encouraged her to make use of whatever it is that is making her feel the way she was; be it good, bad or ugly to creatively entertain the audience.

The third and last class for the day saw the Academy dance coach, Ms. Lovette, encourage the contestants to critic one another’s performances in a bid to enhance their creativity.

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