North Korea’s Leader Kim Jong-Un Stops Everyone From Making Jokes At His Expense

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Kim Jong-Un, the leader of North Korea has placed a ban on sarcastic remarks aimed at him and his style of leadership.

Harriet Agerholm for The Independent reported on Thursday, September 8, that the new ban was passed after North Koreans began openly calling their supreme leader a “fool who cannot see the outside world”, and published graphic images ridiculing him.

Calling the 32-year-old ruler a “fool” became popular when news filtered that he did not attend celebrations to mark the end of the Second World War which was held in Russia and China this September.

Blamimg America For North Korea’s Troubles Is Now A Crime

In addition to the ban on sarcasm, other punishable offenses included; directly or indirectly complaining about the Asian country, nagging about its government and blaming America.

The expression “This is all America’s fault” was regarded as a criticism of Kim Jong-Un’s regime.

Government officials held meetings across North Korea to pass the new law. In one meeting held at Jagang Province, one security officer told residents it was a crime to disobey.

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