Nigerian Family Disowns Daughter Over Lesbianism In Italy

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A family in Benin City, Edo state has announced they have disowned one of their daughters over her alleged involvement in lesbianism.

The family said the reason for the decision to inform the public that they were disowning their 27-year old daughter who is based in Italy, was because the fact she was a lesbian has been made public and has brought shame upon them.

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Head of the family, Mr Mike Omohe informed journalists about the family decision after a family meeting at their family house in Benin City. “We have been fully informed of our daughter’s shameful act of lesbianism. We now know that true to rumors we have heard in the past, she is now a lesbian,” he said.

He added that the young lady will not be recognized as a member of the Omohe family anymore and is not welcome in the family house even went on to say if she ever came home to Nigeria she would be reported to the authorities so as to be jailed.

“As a responsible people, who puts premium on African culture and tradition, we disapprove of her act. She is no longer qualified to be associated with us as we know that her unrepentant act constitutes sin to man and God,” Mr Mike Omohe said.

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