NBA: Should OKC Trade For Rudy Gay As A Durant Replacement?

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Rudy Gay

A couple days ago, Rudy Gay told the Sacramento Kings management that he would not be resigning with the team and would opt for Free Agency in 2017.

Gay wanting out of the Kings isn’t really a surprise as its been widely reported that the forward isn’t happy with his situation on the court. From being the go-to player in his time at the Memphis Grizzlies to playing second fiddle to DeMarcus Cousins in Sacramento.

That normally wouldn’t be a huge problem if it didn’t affect his style so much. Rudy Gay is a slasher-type forward, drives in and plays in the paint. In a team with Cousins however, he has been forced to become a shooter. This is because Cousins owns the lane every game. Gay is forced to take more jump shots and that’s not ideal for a player with his style.

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Rudy Gay to the Thunder — Good or bad?

Rudy who turns 31 next summer averaged 17.2 points per game last season. This is his lowest in the last three years and this is looking like his last chance for a big pay day. Now should the Thunder take the chance and trade for him before the season starts?

OKC have a big Kevin Durant-shaped hole that might be impossible to fill. But with Russell Westbrook’s ability maybe all they need is a decent short term running mate. At least just till next summer when they can target their superstar signing. If rumors are to be believed, they have identified that person as Rudy Gay.

What would the Thunder have to give up for the 6ft 8inch forward? Rumors swirling say Kyle Singler, Anthony Morrow and maybe a first round pick might work. In my opinion this would be a good move for both parties, what do you think?

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